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Mindset Reset Challenge

During the next 5 days, you will be learning to reset your mindset for success.  We will explore the Word of God together to align your mindset in the right direction.  On the 6th day, I will give you some practical advice to assist with your mindset reset quest.

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Hi! I am Jessi Delgado


It was a late summer afternoon, but instead of being outside enjoying the day, I was sitting at the doctor's office waiting for my lab results. I had been feeling "off" and I didn't understand what was going on.   The doctor walked in and she informed me my sugar levels were high and I was in the pre-diabetic stage. "If you continue down this path, in 5 years or less, you will be a full-blown diabetic" she warned me.   I panicked. I had no idea what to do or how to do it. But I knew something had to change. The unhealthy lifestyle I was living had to come to an end.  

That's the day I decided to love myself.

That mindset shift had a lot of positive outcomes for me.  Loving myself did not mean I had to change the core of who I am, but accepting myself just as I am.   Loving myself meant to take care of my body.   Loving myself meant to put my needs as a priority.  Loving myself meant spending more time with God and discover who I truly am.   

Today I am a much happier mom & wife. I love to cook for my family and I take special care of our diets.  I learned a lot about food and its effects on our bodies.  Gut health became very important and I am cautious about selecting wholesome ingredients.

I became a certified Christian Life & Mindset Coach because I wanted to help women build confidence, improve their self-love routines and create a positive and confident mindset. I rely on the Scriptures to coach my clients and I design a custom plan to maximize their potential.   

It has been quite an exciting and rewarding journey so far; one I am still living and enjoying very, very much!

Jessi 💖

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